Ups, I saw my kid’s diary opened, writing about me

she said:

Once upon a time, my daddy was a hard worker,

such a brilliant rain maker.

Nothing he can’t do, worse than Midas,

he could make stones cried and dragons laughed.

Wherever he was, people happy & obey as puppy,

some because of money, others for honey.

But someday some evil hit him hard so that he lost his faith,

loosing all his magic, took out all daddy’s spirit.

Now he’s just a looser, loosing all power;

big dreamer, dreaming of going everywhere building

his own emperor from nowhere but his narrow dirty office.

God please help my daddy, heal him, release him, relief him,

or if you won’t; just take him away with You!

Suddenly I cried loud and feel free to get my wall beside me muralized :

ha ha ha… this is all about freedom

freedom to fight, freedom so that anyone could sleep

free from fear,

free from scary powerful evil in browned uniform,

with angel’s masks on their rotten face

Ugh, let ’em all burnt down tonight…