Resin Painting “Vulcanic”

Impressed by the power and beauty of vulcanic mountains and lakes, in the last few months I tried to create some kind of sculpture, relief carving or painting to describe the two contradictive  phenomena of red heat aspects and in the other side of their bluish green cold, fertile & freshness of the area around the vulcanic mountains.

And when I was working with resin and wooden mirror frame, suddenly realized that I had the perfect media in front of me to describe the beauty of vulcanic power!

So this is it.


The concept was to combine resin painting on the fire theme wood frame carving. Here’s the work plan. You can click on this link to see the Youtube video, and here’s the link for my working process.

Resin Painting "Vulcanic", mixed media on solid wooden mirroor frame (110cmX150cm approx.)

Resin Painting “Vulcanic”

Thank you!

September 2018

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