Art Books

First of all: Thank you very much internet archives, Mr. Guttenberg, Mr. Microsoft, etc, for the precious books.

Well, guys, here’s our art & art history books. I just can upload maybe one or two books in a week, but I will always try to add more.

Sharpening or blurring your views? Up to you!

I am not a real painter, I’m just a narrator of symbols & ornaments, but all this books helps me much in creating paintings as a symbolic narrations & also appreciating others narrations.

I did some researches on indigenous Indonesian & correlated South-East Asian local wisdom, tribal, & ethnic symbolism ornaments; and these books helps me to translate those great pure pieces to enrich nonsense about modern aesthetics, ha ha ha…

All for the phylosophy of “asem kepret” ha ha ha… define your own word for “asem kepret”.

Here’s our first 3 books, for this October 2010.

Just click on the title & enjoy your self.

1. The Appreciation of Painting / Percy Moore Turner

274 pages. Another perspective, helps us to understand pictures.

2. The Building of Picture/ W.L. Judson

106 pages. The vital qualities, the techniques, composition & the painter.

3. The Art of Caricaturing/ Mitchell Smith

104 pages, a series of lessons, covering all branches of the art of caricaturing

4. “Seven Discourses on Art” by Joshua Reyonds, 55 pages

5. What is Art?

190 pages, John C Van Dyke, Studies in the Techniques & Criticism of Painting.

I’ve spent few years to collect many digital books, e-books, clippings, etc from legal sources in a legal way, for non comercial purposes. If this happened illegally, sorry for that. Just tell me and I will fix it. Please accept my apology.

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