Home Decorating

Some of my art project is home interior and exterior decorating. Specialized in woodworking, especially teak I design and produce house furnishings.

Begin from interior design, selecting the wooden materials, designing the wood carving ornaments, controlling the woodworking process, upto finishing the whole decoration work all done.

Here’s some photos of woodcarving processes.

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sksl gelombang

sksl dayak

Ndrong 3


ce 20140526_181909 c

20140526_182928 c

2013-02-06 16.55.04

2013-02-06 16.54.10

001 20140527_163830

Another interior decorating project for a luxury apartment in Jakarta as shown below.

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Kebon Jeruk-20131016-00801

IMG-20130928-00681 IMG-20130928-00680


b (7)

b (5)

b (2a)

A traditional Javanese bedroom set, full carved high quality teak furnishings.

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Once I ordered to modify a car garage into a comfortable cafe-like room, equipped with a granite bar table, a kithen set, and 4 seat chair, all wood carved.

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cc 20140824_192621




Producing repro-antique teak furniture

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STOK Mf860 (1)

Plk 11

Plk 05

Meja Ukir CAM00747

04112008552 04112008551

04112008540 04112008539

00 cc

@ Mf802

My recent exterior decorating project was a gazebo, wall relief, and concrete ornament decoration.

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