Pameran Keliling 12 Karya

Berikut ini 12 karya saya terbaru, saat ini sedang dipamerkan di beberapa kota. Informasi lanjut hubungi email


Lukisan “Pram”SOLD..

Lukisan “Beau” SOLD.

mendengar suara bumi 90X130cm Rp.9jt

mendengar suara bumi 90X130cm

V complex 70x90cm Rp.6 jt

V complex 70x90cm

singa 100x140cm Rp.12 jt

kepala singa 100x140cm

pramoedya ananta toer 80x100cm Rp.8jt

SOLD. pramoedya ananta toer 80x100cm. SOLD.

mendengar suara bumi 90X130cm Rp.9jt

mana yg asli 100x140cm

Gerhana 2 80x100cm Rp.12jt

Gerhana 2 80x100cm Rp.12jt

Gerhana 1 80x100cm Rp.12jt

Gerhana 1 80x100cm

causa 70x90cm Rp.6jt

causa 70x90cm

Carpe Diem 70x90cm Rp.10jt

Carpe Diem 70x90cm

beau 140x100cm 12jt

beau 140x100cm. SOLD.

4 jendela 70x90cm Rp.6jt

4 jendela 70x90cm

Informasi lanjut hubungi email

Interior Design Project: Modify a Garage into a Cafe-look Room

Here’s my August 2014 interior design project, ordered to modify a car garage into a cafe-look in Banjarmasin. Most of all material are teak, granite & marble.

20140829_053824 20140823_174955

Assisted by a carpenter, the whole project done in 3 weeks.



Abstract Painting, “3 VS 1”


My composition today, “3 vs 1”, oil on canvas, 70cm X 90cm, September 2014.

Listen to the Earth

Listen to the Earth, oil on canvas, 70 cm X 125 cm, MosF, September 2014.



The Making of “THAT’S LIFE” a Concrete Relief of 7 Masks

000 1t

Seven masks of human life, the theme of my concrete relief this time is a description about the most frequent state of feeling and attitude as we can see almost everyday around.

This wall relief decoration was made in a full week, night and day. The only left work were framing and then coating with clear varnish, and also a little adjustment on lighting.

Here’s some photos & click here to see the video of the process.



000 3t 000 4t

000 7t 000 8t

000 9t2 000 910t

Dress Painting Live Demo

Bekerja sama dengan para model cantik dari Toto Sahak Modelling dalam Pameran Batik Jawa Tengah 2012, salah satu acaranya adalah Dress Painting Live Demo. Mau lihat videonya? Klik aja di sini:

With Darma Lungit

With Darma Lungit in front of Agus Salim’s paintings.

Dress painting live demo December 2012

Gorgeous model

What a fascinating moment.

Dress Painting, what an angel...

… what an angel…

Dress Painting

Thanks girls, nice to work with you all.