Just finished 10 minutes ago, a gift for my own birthday… really hate it when the blue feeling come by & teasing me for her.

Yea, she’s the only one could make me so… the only felicitation that I always waiting for in every single birthday…

Hey! where’s my annual well wisher?


Blow Blue Blown!

Blow Blue Blown!



“Blow Blue Blown!” (Moses F, October 2010), Oil on Canvas, 95cm X 150cm.

Blue invasion… blue is everywhere,
Blue could be holy white, blue could be cool green,
Blue could be hot red, blue could be stinky yellow,
Blue could be damned tricky, blue could be traitorous,
Blue is every color, blue is daltonism,
Blue could be a film, blue could be your feeling,
Blue flu, glue blue, true blue, blue me, blew you!

(MosF, October 23rd 2010)