“Life without Green or Blue”

Oil painting on a 70cm X 90cm canvas by MosF, June 26th 2020.

Compared to a musical composition, this will be like a song without E, B and all minor tunes.

What would life be when hot flesh were left by warm leaves and its cool morning dew?

Will blood become blue?

No way. Holy spirit within our soul would never let green or blue leave our life away.

“Life without Green or Blue”/ oil on 70cm X 90cm canvas.

Do not worry, no need to be hurry. All colors will be provided, all soul shall be fulfilled & satisfied.

Even it is monster master Covid 19 it self or others, no one could separate green or blue from our heart, EVEN THEY’RE NOT CLEARLY VISIBLE AS ON THE PAINTING. YES, THEY ARE THERE. IT IS STRONGLY FELT.

Allright then, I would have to prepare these two colors. Sure, they will be available on my next painting because I love you readers!

Banjarmasin, June 26th 2020